How to start Zoom

At LearnATW, we love Zoom for many reasons. The reliability, features, and power of the application outshines other video conferencing platforms.

However, Zoom is not as popular as Google Hangouts and Skype in most K-12 schools. And because many schools block the ability to download programs to school machines, many teachers find it frustrating that they can’t participate in Learn Around The World programs.

It is true. Currently,  all connection options require at least a small download. If this is an inconvenience, we are truly sorry. We recommend that you contact your IT and explain that you would like to download Zoom to your computer.

So, why does LearnATW use Zoom? Trust us, we have tried many platforms and Zoom, by far, offers the best experience for you during our shows. We implement real time interactive programming, such as Kahoot quizzes, that just don’t work on platforms like Google Hangouts On Air. Additionally, schools with high end video conferencing technology, such as Cisco and H.323 systems, can join via Zoom.

Option 1: Download the full Zoom program

This may not be the most attraction option or easy for those that can not download new programs on their school computers, but we highly recommend Zoom over other platforms. First, it’s more reliable and out performs other programs while on weak internet connections. Second, you can annotate on top of your screen shares with shapes, arrows and free hand tools. Third, their is a whiteboard option that comes in handy as well.

It’s free for 1 to 1 connections and free for up to 45 minutes with group connections.

  1. To get the full version of Zoom click (here)

Option 2: Download the Zoom launcher plugin

If you don’t want or can’t download the full Zoom Application, the Zoom launcher is a good second option. It’s only 12.7 MB and you’ll have Zooms full functionality when joining a Meeting (Zoom’s terminology for a video conference call) or webinar.

  1. To get the Zoom launcher plugin, navigate to or click on the invitation link you received after registering for one of our shows.
  2. If you navigated to you will be prompted to enter the Meeting ID, which is also in your invitation.
  3. If you haven’t downloaded the launcher before, a dialog box will appear asking for permission to download.

Option 3: Add the Zoom Chrome App to Chrome

At a 6.7 MB download, this is the lighted version of Zoom. And because it’s a Chrome App it may be the easiest way to get access to Zoom yourself without IT. That’s assuming you can add Chrome Apps on your school machine. At the time of this post (Sept. 8th) however, you will not have Zooms full functionality during webinars (e.g., polls). This is a fairly new App though and they are adding functionality to it often.

1. To get the Zoom launcher plugin, navigate to and add the App to Chrome.

2. After it’s added, click on the Chrome Apps Menu located on the Bookmarks Bar in Chrome.

chromeappsmenu3. Click on the Zoom Chrome App icon to launch the app.


4. Enter the Zoom Meeting ID from your invitation you received via email.



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