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What We Do

At Learn Around The World (learnATW) we are constantly thinking of how we can leverage technology to bring new and unique programs to your classroom. Our sole purpose is to provide you with fun, interactive and meaningful programs that will not only flatten your classroom, but increase student engagement and enthusiasm.

Virtual Field Trips

Learn Around The World's (learnATW) VFTs are guided, interactive, and fun video conference programs designed to foster global and digital citizenship.

GEOshow & GEOshow Jr.

You won’t be listening to a lecture in these interactive experiences. Join a GEOshow event and virtually take your students to the other side of the world!

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Guest Speakers

learnATW brings guest speakers right into your classroom. No need to find, coordinate and facilitate your guest speaking event. We'll do it all for you.

Meet A Local

With our “Meet A Local” series, we’re bringing in a new guest speaker each week. These are all internationals that will be visiting your classroom to share about their home countries while answering your students’ questions.

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learnATW offers opportunities for your classroom to collaborate with us and other participating classrooms in larger breakout sessions.

Breakout Sessions

Do you want to be apart of a larger discussion? Our BREAKOUT sessions will provide just that. learnATW, you, and multiple other classrooms will all meet for one big introduction and then breakout into smaller groups via virtual breakout rooms.

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Private Shows

learnATW offers private scheduled shows for your convenience. When you book these paid programs, you get the flexibility of scheduling a private VFT that fits your class time.

Private, Scheduled VFTs

Are you tired of finding Virtual Field Trips that just don’t fit into your classroom’s schedule? Do you want more time and attention dedicated to your students? Well we offer private, scheduled VFTs through CILC.

CILC Programs

Why Choose Us

  • Our programs are free! What do you have to lose?
  • Unique, authentic programming.
  • Connect with locals from around the world.
  • Our shows are interactive for on and off camera guests.

What Teachers’ Are Saying

GEOshow helps our students step out of the classroom and into the world to learn about other cultures, countries and history. We had over 150 students in our district benefit from GEO Brandon’s virtual field trips. Watching GEO-B eating bugs and sending them postcards made of elephant poo are just two of the events that our students were excited about. They loved the interaction and getting to “travel” with GEO Brandon!
Janie, more...
The GEOshow was an amazing learning opportunity for my students! Brandon was well prepared and had great resources that showed the kids everyday life in South Korea. He let the kids have voice and choice in what they learned during the video conference. The GEOshow is a great learning experience.
Jennifer, more...
Learn Around the World is an amazing way to give your students an authentic world view. Learn Around the World allows students to participate and question scientific, historical, and cultural influences from around the world. I have personally shared this fantastic resource with many other teachers in my district.
Eli, more...

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