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Sponsor Learn Around The World!

Volcano, Virtual Field Trip, GuatemalaGlobal trotting educator, journalist, and explorer, Brandon Hall aka GEO-B, virtually brings the world into classrooms via Virtual Field Trips. Learn Around The World Virtual Field Trips are live, interactive web shows that teachers use to instill global awareness and a safe environment to practice sound digital citizenship skills. During the 2017-18 school year, Learn

Around The World will be providing over 75 free virtual field trips per semester.  

Sponsoring a series of Learn Around The World Virtual field Trips is a great opportunity to publicly support global education locally, nationally, globally, or even all. By doing so, you align your organization and brand with Learn Around The World’s fast growing reach and with a vision of classrooms without borders.

Imagine if 10 years ago you could sponsor just one classroom to travel from the U.S. to Indonesia and come face to face with Komodo Dragons for the sake of exploration, discovery and scholarship? Well, today it’s possible with Learn Around The World’s variety of educational experiences. With the exceptions of built in safety, cost efficiency, and scalability to the tune of 9 classrooms per experience of course.

Learn Around the World is virtually changing what’s possible with educational field trips. Don’t miss your opportunity to support your future workforce, clients and partners in their educational pursuits.

We like what your company is doing for the state of education and we hope you like what we are doing! Enclosed are our sponsorship opportunities for 2016. Together, we’ll be able to bring the world to our students, one school at a time. Which school will you choose for your scholarship award?

Virtual Field Trips

Learn Around The World offers a variety of unique and authentic learning experiences via Virtual Field Trips. Our Virtual Field Trips are 45-60 minute live webinars. Our staff travels to unique locations around the world to document the people, places and things that make our world so wonderful.

GEO-B (Brandon Hall) then virtually guides classrooms on these experiences throughout the school year to a rapidly growing following of Learn Around The World Explorers (i.e., teachers and students).

Teachers love our program, but don’t take our word for it.

My students love going on virtual field trips.  The very next day after our field trip they asked where we were going today.  It’s the correct length, engaging, and helps the kids learn about other places.”

Marci Shrull - Texas Teacher

“My students thoroughly enjoyed their Virtual Field Trip experience. They were actively engaged throughout the trip and talked about all that they had learned for days following the event.”

Lydia Flynn - Idaho Teacher

“I can’t wait to see where we will visit next!! You have made a difference in the education of my students by exposing them to places that we are not able to actually visit in person, but through these virtual field trips, they are learning about the world at large!! My hope is that my students will be motivated to want to travel the world and experience all that is beyond just what is in their hometown!!”

Kate Hazen - Arizona Teacher

Reach & Growth

Our reach is rapidly growing in the education community. With the exception of a few social media communities, our growth has been almost entirely by word of mouth. With support from generous sponsors, we’ll be able to market our program to specific markets and substantially increase our reach past our historical and anticipated organic growth documented below.

2015-2016 2016-2017
Participants (Classrooms) 81 646
Repeat Participants (Classrooms) 243
Repeat Rate 37%
Participations (Classrooms) 120 1,222
Participations (Students) 3,000 30,893
Shows 34 124
Ave.  Classrooms Per Show 3.5 9.9
Ave. Students Per Show 88.2 249.1

* Participants are counted once per year for each classroom. 

** Participations are counted for each event a classroom participates in during the year.

Participations By Location (2016-2017)

Top US States

Indiana – 108

Texas – 95

Illinois – 89

Top Countries

USA – 1157

Canada – 41

Mexico – 27

* Classrooms from 47 of the 50 U.S. States participated in our programs during the 2016-17 school year.

Sponsorship Opportunities

I.  Sponsor giveaways with in kind donations.

While our greatest need is financial support for the purposes of improving our service and audience reach, we do have exciting opportunities to support our teacher and classroom giveaway programs.

  • Teacher Giveaway – Donate a prize for our teacher giveaway. Our Spring 2018 season starts on February 12th and we’ll be running a social media contest during the weeks leading up to the start of the season. Show off your product/service by awarding one of our winning teachers a prize. (These prizes are for teacher use)
  • Classroom Giveaway – Donate a prize for one of our in show quizzes. During all of our programs, we conduct an in show quiz where we send the winning classroom/student a prize. Show off your product/service by awarding one of our GEOquiz winners! (These prizes are for student use)

II. Sponsor a GEOshow series

Learn Around The World will be providing two virtual field trip series during the Spring 2018  school semester: GEOshow and GEOshow USA. Each series offers an exciting opportunity to reach different audiences at varies levels of commitment. Each series consists of 5 show topics that are aired live on 5 separate occasions for a total of 25 live events. The original GEOshow is split into Group A and Group B to fit our 10 unique shows into the 5 show set benefits. 

GEOshow – GEOshow is our flagship virtual field trip experience. During GEOshow, students are virtually taken around the world to experience trekking up Mayan pyramids, on active volcanoes, amongst Komodo Dragons, and so much more.

  • Group A (Spring 2018) -Komodo National Park, Mexican Culture, Magnificent Monarchs: The great migration, Nyepi: Balinese new year, and Semana Santa: Holy week in Antigua, Guatemala.
  • Group B (Spring 2018) –  Asian Elephants, The Mayans, Volcanoes of Guatemala, Songkran: Thai new year, and Natural Wonders of Southern Mexico.

GEOshow USA – GEOshow USA provides teachers the opportunity to enhance their students’ learning experiences of their own country. The following programs will be included in the Spring 2018 season of GEOshow USA: Young Abraham Lincoln, Wright Brothers: First in flight, Washington D.C.: The monuments tour, Wildlife of Maine, and The Brooklyn Bridge.

III. Sponsor one show topic

Don’t want to commit to a GEOshow series? Laser focus your your support on the topic of your choice for one week of programming. For example, sponsor one week of programming for the Pilgrims of Plymouth show that will be run in addition to the 5 shows included in our series line up. We’ll work with you to provide a show topic that is both popular and one that you feel strongly about.

Sponsor Commitment

Opportunity II – Support a GEOshow series

* Committing to the Title level for our original GEOshow series includes perks for both groups (A & B) of show topics. That’s 50 total live events.

Opportunity III – Support a single topic of your choice

Support Learn Around The World

For questions, information, or inquiries about custom options contact:

Brandon Hall

P: 919 – 495 – 1446

E: brandon@learnaroundtheworld.com