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Byron Gilliland – Minnesota, USA

Our class participates in an average of 2-3 virtual field trips per week. I spend countless hours as an educator finding valuable trips for my students to participate in. I can say, without a doubt, the Learn Around the World virtual field trips are the BEST! They are engaging for my students and Brandon allows us to choose the format that best suites our instructional needs. Learn Around the World virtual field trips are a valuable asset to any 21st Century Classroom!

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Eli Efird – Arkansas, USA

Learn Around the World is an amazing way to give your students an authentic world view. Learn Around the World allows students to participate and question scientific, historical, and cultural influences from around the world. I have personally shared this fantastic resource with many other teachers in my district.


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Can’t thank you enough Brandon! We started our unit with a virtual bus trip and “flight” to simulate the concept of getting to another country. To have this during the unit was wonderful. I have marked it as the major resource for next year and how wonderful to bring the world closer again. Thanks for all the hours you have put into this, 110 children and four adults learnt so much and many are putting Korea on a travel wish list!

Sonja - Teacher - Australia

GEOshow helps our students step out of the classroom and into the world to learn about other cultures, countries and history. We had over 150 students in our district benefit from GEO Brandon’s virtual field trips. Watching GEO-B eating bugs and sending them postcards made of elephant poo are just two of the events that our students were excited about. They loved the interaction and getting to “travel” with GEO Brandon!

Janie - Instructional Technologist - Texas, USA

This was an incredible experience for my students. They never would have had the same experience if I had done this myself with images of North and South Korea. It was an authentic learning experience.

Kim - Teacher - Canada

The GEOshow was an amazing learning opportunity for my students! Brandon was well prepared and had great resources that showed the kids everyday life in South Korea. He let the kids have voice and choice in what they learned during the video conference. The GEOshow is a great learning experience.

Jennifer - Teacher - Texas, USA

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