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We are currently offering both paid and free, interactive Virtual Field Trips.

Learn Around The World (i.e., learnATW) has been at the forefront of the Virtual Field Trip (VFT) movement for the past two years and is pushing VFTs to the limit. With the launch of it’s flagship program, GEOshow, learnATW has been leading the way in the VFT market with it’s live, interactive programming that students and teachers both love.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what our participants had to say.


Private Programs

Some of our programs are free, however we do offer may more opportunities via paid programming. Why pay for something you can get for free?

  1. Schedule a custom date and time to fit your needs.
  2. Is privacy an issue? Our private shows are not recorded and publicly posted to our youtube channel like our free shows are.
  3. Printables included (Student Field Notes)
Book A Private Program

GEOshow (Free)

GEOshow is our flagship Virtual Field Trip. It’s and interactive, geography based experience that your students are guaranteed to benefit from.

Why participate in a free GEOshow?

Free GEOshow’s are engaging and interactive. Our free shows can be small or very large; 1 to 90 classrooms at times. As a result, there is a lot of excitement during our in show GEOquiz (i.e., Kahoot Quiz) when you go play head to head with other participating classrooms.

UPCOMING Free Programs

Spring 2018 Lineup

(Note: Private, by request, programming is available anytime throughout the year.)


Week 2 – Mexican Culture

Week 4 – Komodo National Park

Week 5 – Magnificent Monarchs

Week 6 – Nyepi : Balinese New Year

Week 7 – Semana Santa : Holy week in Guatemala

Week 8 – Songkran : Thai New Year

Week 9 – Natural Wonders of Southern Mexico

Week 10 – Asian Elephants

Week 11 – The Mayans

Week 12 – Volcanoes of Guatemala 


Week 1 – Young Abraham Lincoln

Week 3 – The Wright Brothers

Week 3 – Wildlife of Maine

Week 5 – The Brooklyn Bridge

Week 8 – Monuments of Washington D.C.

*Spring season runs February 12 – May 11.

**No programming the week of March 26-30.

Upcoming Virtual Field Trips


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